|Our Local Cheese Supplier

Sussex has become one of the leaders in producing artisan cheeses. The diversity across the county is superb with outstanding award winner cheeses made from Sheep, Goat and Cow milk.

At Burpham Country House we serve a wide selection of Artisan cheeses from Sussex Producers, such as Old Sussex: a superb mature cow milk cheddar; Golden Cross, a soft rind Goats cheese with a superb flavour. Sussex Yeoman, a mature hard Goats cheddar from Nut Knowle: Duddleswell, a creamy and mature Sheeps cheddar from High Weald Dairy who also supply an excellent St Paulin style cheese called St Giles as well as producing both Sussex Feta and Halloumi!

If you enjoy fine cheeses check out our very own Sussex Cheeses.