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Dates are now announced

First refusal will be given to a select list of repeat customers first and then open up to the general public

We will now be open for the Goodwood Members day on the 20/21/22nd March 2015. Please go to our special dates and events page for full details.




The Goodwood estate hosts some of the biggest and most diverse sporting celebrations in the UK.


We are open for individual guests to book for the Goodwood Festival of Speed and the Goodwood Revival. A minimum 3 day dine and stay booking is required for both events with options to stay for up to 5 days. We only take bookings two weeks after the dates are confirmed, and offer first refusal to repeat Goodwood customers. We won't be open for the March menbers' event.


Our prices will be as follows:

- 3 day package with dining (extra large rooms): £720. Extra nights £150 B&B

- 3 day package with dining (superior rooms): £630 Extra nights £130 B&B

- 3 day package with dining (standard rooms): £570 Extra nights £110 B&B

As to Goodwood horse racing and other events, we are happy to take whole house bookings.



The Festival of Speed is one of the greatest `petrol head' events in the world. You will see the latest high performance cars, legendary fast cars, star drivers from current Formula One; fabulous racing motorcycles, classic rally cars to 3000bhp dragsters; plus motor sport legends like Moss, Surtees, Fittipaldi and Andretti rubbing shoulders with today's hottest properties such as Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button & Mark Webber



The Goodwood Revival is the world’s most popular historic motor race meeting and the only event of its kind to be staged in the romantic time capsule of the Fifties and Sixties.  As well as recreating the golden era of motor sport, the Revival offers exceptional wheel-to-wheel racing around a classic circuit, untouched by the modern world. As well as gorgeous cars from yesteryear its also a wonder chance to dress up and recreate you favourite post war era. They even throw in a few spitfires, hurricanes and lancasters. Spiffing!