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About Us

|About us

Steve and Jackie Penticost,and Lucy the cat, retired here in 2006 to undertake the British daydream of running a luxury guesthouse. The Penticost family had lived in Sussex for over 400 years, so when we found the house in Burpham, it seemed like coming home. The house dates from 1720 and has a great literary history, as well as having seen authors and actors, starlets and royalty through its doors in its 70 years as a small hotel.


We spent a lot of time refurbishing the house throughout to reflect its history as an old hunting lodge and rectory. Now we welcome you as guests, and hope you leave as friends.


If you like the photographs in this web site then Visit Steve's web site to see more and what else I get up to.



01903 882160
The Street, Burpham, Arundel,West Sussex, BN18 9RJ